Be A Sprinter!

For theatre lovers under thirty:

With the Sprintpas you only pay € 10 per ticket and its yours for € 5 per year!

What is the Sprintpas?
The Sprintpas is a discount pass that makes you eligible for a special price of € 10 per ticket when you buy your ticket one hour prior to an event. The Sprintpas also makes you eligible for a € 5 discount at De Brakke Grond and Frascati.   

You pay only € 10 for seats regardless of their placing, unless the ticket price is € 35 or more, in which case you pay € 15 with your Sprintpas (or choose cheaper seats if available).

Order the Sprintpas
You can order the Sprintpas ONLINE. Pick it up at the box office and please take along valid identification.

At the box office
Buy the Sprintpas at the box office and please take along valid identification. You can request the card till one hour prior to an event.  

You’re a Sprinter now?
And do you want to remain so as of the 1st  of September 2011? Fill in our authorization form and hand it in at the box office the next time you sprint by. 

Keep up to date
Do you want to be the first to know what’s going on in the Stadsschouwburg? Request the online newsletter (published twice a month). You can do so by sending an e-mail to

How do you cancel my Sprintpas?
Your Sprinter subscription is automatically cancelled on 1 October 2011 if you do not renew it by sending a new application form, so there’s no action you have to take. If you are already a paying Sprinter, hand in your Sprintpas at the box office and the automatic payments will be stopped. You can also send the Sprintpas back to us by mail.